Kellogg on the Global Economy
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Kellogg on the Global Economy

The Kellogg School is renowned in a broad range of specialties within global economic policy and finance. ​Find a selection of our faculty viewpoints and research on global economic issues here.

Cultural biases in economic exchange stem from weak bilateral trust.

Is Economic Growth a Question of Culture?

A decade of research shows how culture seeps into economic decisions.

Finance & Accounting

Growth Is at the Edges

Structural changes in the world economy are forcing U.S. companies to reposition.

An African entrepreneur delivers products on a bicycle.

Disposable Income Is Rising in Africa. What Happens Next?

A Q&A about growth trends in African markets.

Investor walking blindfolded on stock chart
Finance & Accounting

When Uncertainty Lingers, Growth Lags

Companies’ reluctance to act in the wake of a country’s economic shock can inhibit growth as much as the original shock itself.

Finance & Accounting

Video: How to Play the Lottery Without Losing

Can we fight the poverty trap with new savings accounts that offer raffle tickets instead of interest?

democracy and economic growth: Kenya's roads

Does Democracy Curb Corruption?

A clever study investigates the link between where roads are built and who is in power.

Alternative methods for assessing credit worthiness are needed.
Finance & Accounting

Credit Where Credit Is Due

New ways of assessing credit worthiness could open up access to the global banking system.