New Venture Creation series
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New Venture Creation series

All businesses must continually find new ways to create value. The Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative helps business leaders – from startups to large corporations – discover new ideas and turn them into valuable goods and services. This Insight series highlights aspects of new venture creation through the expertise of Kellogg faculty.

An entrepreneur decides whether to pick an angel investor.

Keeping the Angels at Bay

Startups should be wary of accepting too much money from angel investors.

Medical device startups receive tips for entrepreneurs on designing for the environment.

Can Your Invention Take the Heat?

An infant HIV test offers lessons for entrepreneurs designing for tough conditions.

setting multiple entrepreneurship goals can improve entrepreneurial strategy outcomes.

Podcast: What Does It Take to Bring an Ambitious Product to Market?

Tips for entrepreneurs on when to shift the finish line.

Startup marketing plans are designed and formulated to take R&D innovation into account

Three Tips for Designing a Startup’s Marketing Plan

Even in R&D-focused industries, you don’t need to rely on a heavyweight to swoop in and buy your innovation.

Even a construction startup needs tech knowledge.

How to Make Your Startup Tech-Savvy

No matter the industry, it is important for entrepreneurs to be able to talk tech.

corporate entrepreneurs

Discovering the Value of the “Corporate” Entrepreneur

How one established company benefited from a dogged intrapreneur.

The case for entrepreneurship through acquisition

Should You Skip the Startup?

The case for entrepreneurship through acquisition.

An entrepreneur faces many routes for startup success.

Growing a Company from Startup to Sale

A three-part podcast details how Enjoy Life Foods thrives in a market it helped create.

Identify MacGyvers/intrapreneurs and put them in charge of leading innovation.

Does Your Company Need a “MacGyver”?

A scrappy insider might be the best innovator for your business.

An entrepreneur ponders his startup funding strategy

When to Pass the Hat

Strategic timing can help startups get the most from their fundraising.

Intrapreneurship and innovation drives further company success.

Creating Urgency around Corporate Innovation

What intrapreneurs in established firms must do to succeed.

Successful team building promotes growth.

Building the Right Team to Scale a Startup

Three crucial elements to growing your business.

Execute marketing strategies for startups to funnel customers..

Overcoming the “Buzzsaw of Quiet” around Your Startup

Tips for how to optimize the product engine.

How to attract customers - engage with them.

The Business Before Your Business

Plan to aggregate customers from “day zero.”

Identify the biggest threat that prevents you from startup success.

What Does Not Kill Your Business Makes It Stronger

New ventures—and established companies—need a “killer experiment” to test their viability.

Finding answers for your customers is a SWOT startup strategy.

How to Exploit Your Startup’s Constraints

Good entrepreneurs use their lack of resources to their advantage.

Deliver the right products by collecting customer feedback.

Turning Problems into Profit

A transportation entrepreneur shows how to launch and grow a B2B start-up.

A female entrepreneur at work

How to Foster Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

A Q&A with four entrepreneurs about the global startup landscape—and what governments can do to help.