Podcast: When AI Leaves the Lab
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Innovation Data Analytics Feb 26, 2020

Podcast: When AI Leaves the Lab

AI is now being used to serve customers. On this episode of The Insightful leader, we discuss trends and potential pitfalls that should be on companies’ radars.

Tips on where AI is heading, and how your organization can stay ahead of the curve.
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Adam Pah

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For all the buzz around artificial intelligence, businesses have struggled to truly harness its potential. Until recently, that is.


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“We’re finally getting to the point that companies are actually making something with it,” says Adam Pah, a clinical professor at Kellogg. “It’s just starting to happen, finally, as enough companies have enough understanding and expertise.”

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Pah shares three surprising things that business leaders need to know about AI in the product space.

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