Video: How Open Lines of Communication Can Improve Healthcare Outcomes
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Healthcare Sep 6, 2018

Video: How Open Lines of Communication Can Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Training physicians to be better communicators builds trust with patients and their loved ones.

Healthcare workers meet in a hospital corridor.
Based on insights from

Lynda Chin

Kelly Michelson

In any healthcare setting, developing trust is integral to improving patient outcomes. But in an increasingly complex environment where patients may visit different specialists for their needs, building trusting relationships may not be so simple. This month, Insight brings you two views on how improving communications among providers can help physicians make better decisions and patients get the care they need.

Lynda Chin, Director of the University of Texas System’s REDI Platform, describes the complications related to the high level of trust the healthcare system puts in the diagnostics industry.

And Kelly Michelson, a professor of bioethics and medical humanities at Northwestern, discusses key research findings on how open lines of communication create trust—and that trusting relationships are key to better healthcare outcomes.

The Trust Project is a unique body of knowledge, connecting scholars and executives from diverse backgrounds to share ideas, research, and actionable insights in a series of videos for research and management. Learn more about the project and its development in conjunction with the Kellogg Markets and Customers Initiative.

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