At the Kellogg School of Management, Mohan Sawhney, Carter Cast, and David Schonthal advise corporate leaders to consider a fundamentally different approach to innovation, one that draws upon the playbook of startups. It boils down to adopting what they call “venture thinking,” a mindset of resourceful entrepreneurship that’s applicable to virtually any company looking to spur innovation and drive growth.

Get Sawhney, Cast, and Schonthal’s takes on creating an ecosystem for partnerships, identifying compelling ventures, fostering deep customer relationships, and removing risk from a venture in the following series of articles:

Rules Of Engagement: How To Tango With Startups

4 Ways To Harness Digital Disruption

What Corporations Can Learn From Startups

Clues You’ve Found a Venture Worth Pursuing

Your Customers Aren’t Data They’re People

Don’t Take Risk, Eliminate It

These articles appear on KelloggVoice, a partnership between the Kellogg School and that explores innovation and entrepreneurship.