David Schonthal
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David Schonthal

Clinical Assistant Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

What Might Be Missing from Your Analytics Strategy

Quantitative data is not enough to solve your trickiest problems.

Researchers: David Schonthal and Joel K. Shapiro

Take 5: How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Advice from Kellogg faculty experts on starting and running your own business.

Researchers: Scott R. Baker, Sean Johnson, Benjamin F. Jones, David Schonthal, Nicole Staple and Gabriel Vehovsky

May 8, 2017


Four Ways Innovators Can Use Time to Their Advantage

For creative success, here’s when to hustle and when to reflect.

Researchers: David Schonthal

January 4, 2017


Podcast: What Does It Take to Bring an Ambitious Product to Market?

Tips for entrepreneurs on when to shift the finish line.

Researchers: Kara Palamountain, David Schonthal and Jesse Chang

June 6, 2016


How To Tango With Startups

Kellogg’s BrandVoice partnership with Forbes looks at how venture thinking can spur innovation in corporate settings

Researchers: Mohanbir S. Sawhney, Carter Cast and David Schonthal

July 24, 2015


How to Exploit Your Startup’s Constraints

Good entrepreneurs use their lack of resources to their advantage.

Researchers: David Schonthal

March 2, 2015