Eric T. Anderson
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Eric T. Anderson

Polk Bros. Chair in Retailing; Professor of Marketing; Director Kellogg-McCormick MBAi

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The Clues to Creditworthiness Hiding in Your Grocery Cart

Grocery habits—like buying mortadella beef or scheduling regular shopping trips—can be as useful as credit scores at predicting who will reliably repay loans.

Researchers: Jung Youn Lee, Joonhyuk Yang and Eric T. Anderson

May 1, 2024


A Better Way to Measure Customers’ Willingness to Pay

Determining what customers will spend on your product is one of marketing’s oldest challenges. But “current methods don’t consider context and competition the way they should.”

Researchers: Sharlene He, Eric T. Anderson and Derek D. Rucker

December 1, 2023


Podcast: Why You Need a Working Knowledge of AI

Business leaders can’t rely solely on data scientists to get the job done. Learn more on this episode of The Insightful Leader.

Researchers: Eric T. Anderson

December 13, 2021

Data Analytics

So Your Company Isn’t Getting the Most out of Analytics and AI. Here’s What to Do.

These tools have the possibility to transform your business. If you know how to harness them.

Researchers: Eric T. Anderson

March 29, 2021

Data Analytics

How Has Digital Film Changed the Moviegoing Experience?

In a world where movie theaters went digital … consumers got more options.

Researchers: Joonhyuk Yang, Eric T. Anderson and Brett Gordon

February 24, 2021


Take 5: The Upside of Failure

A look at the surprising benefits of striking out, and how to make the most of your mistakes.

Researchers: Dashun Wang, Benjamin F. Jones, Yang Wang, Craig Wortmann, Edward (Ned) Smith, Col. Brian Halloran and Eric T. Anderson

February 10, 2020


Take 5: A Guide to Getting Started and Succeeding with Data Analytics

Kellogg faculty offer advice for business leaders to improve their analytics strategies.

Researchers: Florian Zettelmeyer, Eric T. Anderson, Thomas O'Toole and Steven Franconeri

April 3, 2018

Data Analytics

How a Good Analytics Strategy Can Become the Victim of Its Own Success

The best firms “purposely mess stuff up” to get the data they need to grow.

Researchers: Eric T. Anderson and Florian Zettelmeyer

January 5, 2018

Data Analytics

Tips for Building an Analytics Team

How to hire and keep data analytics superstars.

Researchers: Eric T. Anderson, Dan Wagner, Leslie Hampel and Scott Jones

December 7, 2015

Data Analytics


When Retail Prices Cross the Line

Manufacturers should be strategic in enforcing minimum advertised price policies.

Researchers: Ayelet Israeli, Eric T. Anderson and Anne T. Coughlan

November 2, 2015


What Do Customers Pay When Wholesale Prices Change?

Increases and decreases are not passed through the same way.

Researchers: Blakeley B. McShane, Chaoqun Chen, Eric T. Anderson and Duncan I. Simester

October 5, 2015


Making Data Work Harder for You— Podcast Transcript

A strategic approach to data analytics starts with asking the right questions.

Researchers: Florian Zettelmeyer and Eric T. Anderson

NASCAR Overhauls the Fan Experience

How the car-racing giant overcame flagging engagement.

Researchers: Eric T. Anderson

June 2, 2015


The Customers You Do Not Want

If these “harbingers of failure” love what you do, you are in trouble

Researchers: Eric T. Anderson, Song Lin, Duncan I. Simester and Catherine E Tucker

May 5, 2014


Good Customers, Bad Reviews

Deceptive product reviews aren’t always written by the enemy—or even in anger

Researchers: Eric T. Anderson and Duncan I. Simester

August 5, 2013


Steady As She Goes

Stable prices keep customers happy

Researchers: Eric T. Anderson and Duncan I. Simester

March 5, 2012


Really, I Can Return It? Sold!

Optimizing your returns policy

Researchers: Eric T. Anderson, Karsten Hansen and Duncan I. Simester

January 1, 2010

Data Analytics


A (Sales)Taxing Proposition

How Internet sales taxes affect customer behavior

Researchers: Eric T. Anderson, Nathan M Fong, Duncan I. Simester and Catherine E Tucker

February 1, 2009