Gregory Carpenter
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Gregory Carpenter

Harold T. Martin Professor of Marketing; Director of the Center for Market Leadership

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Take 5: What Does It Take to Make a Small Business Work?

The challenges are big. So are the opportunities.

Researchers: Gregory Carpenter, Dean Karlan, Jacopo Ponticelli, Anna Tuchman and Nils Wernerfelt

December 21, 2023


Podcast: Why Canada Goose Soared and Shinola Sputtered

Luxury is dominated by older brands. So what happens when newer entrants try to break through? In the second of two bonus episodes, we show what can go right—and wrong.

Researchers: Gregory Carpenter

September 25, 2023


Podcast: So You Want to Be a Luxury Brand

So opulent! So exclusive! In the first of two bonus episodes, we explore everything that helps brands like Ferrari and Manolo Blahnik scream luxury.

Researchers: Gregory Carpenter

September 18, 2023


Take 5: How Fear Influences Our Decisions

Our anxieties about the future can have surprising implications for our health, our family lives, and our careers.

Researchers: Chethana Achar, David A. Matsa, Derek D. Rucker, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Cynthia S. Wang, Gregory Carpenter and and coauthors

February 23, 2023


Take 5: The Surprising Ways Emotions Shape Consumer Behavior

Companies, take note—emotions like anger, fear, and anticipation can impact what ends up in consumers’ shopping carts.

Researchers: Michal Maimaran, Gregory Carpenter, Aparna Labroo, Derek D. Rucker, Matthew D. Rocklage, Loran Nordgren and and coauthors

November 9, 2022


When It Comes to Investing in Product Innovation, Large CPG Companies Could Learn a Lot from Their Smaller Competitors

New research suggests that, instead of aiming for big breakthroughs, large companies should focus on incremental but meaningful improvements.

Researchers: Marcel Corstjens, Gregory Carpenter and Tushmit Hasan

May 3, 2021


How the Specter of Contagious Disease Changes What We Want to Eat

Consumers turn to old standbys like Campbell’s Soup and Oreos. Here’s why.

Researchers: Chelsea Galoni, Gregory Carpenter and Hayagreeva Rao

November 2, 2020


How Have Top Marketers Responded to the Pandemic? With Rapid Innovation.

Leaders in industries from healthcare to casual dining are fast-tracking changes to the customer experience. Here are four of their stories.

Researchers: Eric Leininger, Nicholas Caffentzis, Gregory Carpenter, Patricia Corsi, Joel Yashinsky, Sandra Moore and Dana Krueger

June 11, 2020


Should You Ignore What Your Customers Want? The Great Winemakers Do.

Rather than follow consumer taste, they push it in a new direction.

Researchers: Ashlee Humphreys and Gregory Carpenter

February 1, 2019


How Marketing Leaders Can Thrive Amidst “Tectonic” Shifts in Expectations

Four experts discuss CMOs’ unique opportunity to drive growth and collaboration across their companies.

Researchers: Gregory Carpenter, Eric Leininger, Diane Brink and Jim Stengel

October 1, 2018


Marketing Goes Off-Script

Behind the scenes with three organizations that are successfully engaging customers.

Researchers: Gregory Carpenter, Farhad Manjoo, Matt Simpson and Kathy Button Bell

February 1, 2016


The Second-Mover Advantage

A primer on how late-entering companies can compete with pioneers.

Researchers: Venkatesh Shankar and Gregory Carpenter

November 4, 2013


Walking the Walk

Creating a market orientation

Researchers: Gary F. Gebhardt, Gregory Carpenter and John F Sherry Jr.

April 1, 2009