Loran Nordgren
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Loran Nordgren

Professor of Management & Organizations

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Take 5: Not So Fast!

A little patience can lead to better ideas, stronger organizations, and more-ethical conduct at work.

Researchers: Swaminathan Sridharan, Daniel Barron, Michael Powell, Loran Nordgren and Benjamin F. Jones

August 10, 2023


Take 5: The Surprising Ways Emotions Shape Consumer Behavior

Companies, take note—emotions like anger, fear, and anticipation can impact what ends up in consumers’ shopping carts.

Researchers: Michal Maimaran, Gregory Carpenter, Aparna Labroo, Derek D. Rucker, Matthew D. Rocklage, Loran Nordgren and and coauthors

November 9, 2022


The Internet Is Awash in Positive Product Ratings. Here’s How to Decipher the Good from the Great.

Forget stars and numeric ratings: a review’s language offers better clues to a product’s quality and likely success.

Researchers: Matthew D. Rocklage, Derek D. Rucker and Loran Nordgren

December 1, 2021


Take 5: How to Become an Expert in Something New

Turns out, there’s a “special sauce” that can help you get there. But expertise can also come with a curse.

Researchers: Jan A. Van Mieghem, Brian Uzzi, Luis Rayo, Lu Liu, Jillian Chown, Dashun Wang, Matthew D. Rocklage, Derek D. Rucker, Loran Nordgren and Steven Franconeri

October 25, 2021


Expertise Can Be a Buzzkill

Becoming a subject-matter expert could dim your passion for the things you love.

Researchers: Matthew D. Rocklage, Derek D. Rucker and Loran Nordgren

September 1, 2021


Podcast: Got a Great Idea? Here's How to Get People on Board.

On this episode: You’re going to have to do more than sell it.

Researchers: Loran Nordgren and David Schonthal

August 30, 2021


To Sell Your Innovative Ideas, You Must Overcome These 4 “Frictions”

Simply making your idea sound attractive typically won’t cut it, according to the authors of the forthcoming book, “The Human Element.”

Researchers: Loran Nordgren and David Schonthal

June 22, 2021

Keep Brainstorming—Your Best Ideas Are Still to Come

The common (and mistaken) belief that we generate our best ideas early can actually squash creativity.

Researchers: Brian Lucas and Loran Nordgren

April 1, 2021


What Companies Can Do to Encourage Compliance with COVID Safety Measures

Tips for thinking through “friction points” and making new habits stick.

Researchers: Loran Nordgren

October 12, 2020


Take 5: Cultivating Empathy in the Workplace

What to understand about this critical, but surprisingly complex, trait.

Researchers: Maryam Kouchaki, Nour Kteily, Loran Nordgren and Brooke Vuckovic

April 8, 2019


Take 5: Fine-Tuning Your Powers of Persuasion

From understanding power dynamics to telling a memorable story, here’s how to sell your ideas.

Researchers: Loran Nordgren, Derek D. Rucker, Mitchell A. Petersen and Kent Grayson

November 7, 2018


Trying to Be Persuasive? Here’s What You Are Likely Doing.

A study of product reviews shows how our word choices change when we’re trying to sway others.

Researchers: Matthew D. Rocklage, Derek D. Rucker and Loran Nordgren

March 1, 2018


Podcast: How Music Can Change Our Mood

A Broadway songwriter and a marketing professor discuss the connection between our favorite tunes and how they make us feel.

Researchers: Derek D. Rucker, Loran Nordgren and Kris Kukul

February 10, 2018


Take 5: Make Your Big Idea a Success

Kellogg faculty share what it takes to find, foster, and sell innovation.

Researchers: Benjamin F. Jones, Mark McCareins, Pete Slawniak, Brian Eng, Jeffrey Cohen, Bryony Reich and Loran Nordgren

January 4, 2018


Take 5: How Power Dynamics Shape Our Behavior

Power—or the lack of it—impacts everything from snack choices to economic growth.

Researchers: Derek D. Rucker, Loran Nordgren, Adam Waytz, Benjamin F. Jones and Brayden King

September 7, 2017


Take 5: How to Empower Employees to Be More Creative

Creativity is a potent engine for business. Nurture it without letting office divas run the show.

Researchers: Maryam Kouchaki, Leigh Thompson, William Ocasio, Edward (Ned) Smith and Loran Nordgren

August 3, 2017


Take 5: How to Motivate Employees

Research sheds light on which employee incentives work best.

Researchers: Rongzhu Ke, Jin Li, Michael Powell, Daniel Barron, George Georgiadis, Jeroen Swinkels, Todd A. Gormley, David A. Matsa, Julia D. Hur, Loran Nordgren and Erika Deserranno

July 5, 2017


Why Warmth Is the Underappreciated Skill Leaders Need

The case for demonstrating more than just competence.

Researchers: Loran Nordgren

April 10, 2017


Take 5: How to Encourage Innovative Thinking

Kellogg faculty on what it takes to ensure your new product or great idea takes off.

Researchers: Brian Uzzi, Benjamin F. Jones, Kelly Goldsmith, Klaus Weber and Loran Nordgren

April 7, 2017


Four Tips to Persuade Others Your Idea Is a Winner

Want to shake up the status quo? Use psychology to your advantage.

Researchers: Loran Nordgren

February 3, 2017


Take 5: Tips for Maintaining Your Self-Control During the Holidays

There’s a tendency to overdo it, but Kellogg researchers offer ways to stay disciplined.

Researchers: Miguel Brendl, Rima Touré-Tillery, Loran Nordgren and Kelly Goldsmith

December 2, 2016


Do Performance Incentives Make Us Greedy?

How we are rewarded shifts our values in surprising ways.

Researchers: Julia D. Hur and Loran Nordgren

November 2, 2016


Think You’re Out of Creative Ideas? Think Again.

We downplay the importance of persistence in creative success.

Researchers: Brian J. Lucas and Loran Nordgren

March 7, 2016


I (Don’t) Feel Your Pain

Having been there does not always increase empathy.

Researchers: Rachel Ruttan, Mary Hunter-McDonnell and Loran Nordgren

October 5, 2015

Build a Better Brainstorm

How to capture all the ideas in the room.

Researchers: Loran Nordgren

October 6, 2014

Pump Up the Jams and Feel Powerful

The right background music can affect how you construe information and your willingness to take initiative.

Researchers: Dennis Hsu, Li Huang, Loran Nordgren, Derek D. Rucker and Adam D. Galinsky

August 4, 2014


For Long-Range Thinking, Imagine the Future Self

How to look beyond immediate perks

Researchers: Jean-Louis van Gelder, Hal Ersner-Hershfield and Loran Nordgren

March 3, 2014


What Constitutes Torture?

Perceptions change based on personal experience

Researchers: Loran Nordgren, Mary-Hunter Morris and George Loewenstein

May 2, 2012


Downplaying Social Pain

Snubs and rejections hurt worse than others think they do

Researchers: Loran Nordgren, Kasia Banas and Geoff McDonald

September 1, 2011


The Downside of Deliberating

Why you may not want to think it over

Researchers: Loran Nordgren and Ap Dijksterhuis

August 1, 2010


Beware the Siren’s Song

Maintain self-control by avoiding temptation

Researchers: Loran Nordgren, Joop van der Pligt and Frenk van Harreveld

August 3, 2009


Too Conscious to Decide?

Unconscious evaluation enhances complex decision making

Researchers: Ap Dijksterhuis, Maarten Bos, Loran Nordgren and Rick van Baaren

May 1, 2009