William Brady
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William Brady

Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations

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Social-Media Algorithms Have Hijacked “Social Learning”

We make sense of the world by observing and mimicking others, but digital platforms throw that process into turmoil. Can anything be done?

Researchers: William Brady, Joshua Conrad Jackson, Björn Lindström and M.J. Crockett

August 16, 2023


How to Prepare for AI-Generated Misinformation

“We have to be careful not to get distracted by sci-fi issues and focus on concrete risks that are the most pressing.”

Researchers: William Brady

July 1, 2023


Are People on Social Media Actually That Outraged?

One reason we think Twitter is such a polarized place: we’re bad at inferring how angry people are from their posts.

Researchers: William Brady and and coauthors

April 10, 2023