William Ocasio
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William Ocasio

William Ocasio was previously a member of the Management & Organizations faculty at Kellogg

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Take 5: How to Take Charge of Your Professional Development

Kellogg faculty offer advice for every stage of your career.

Researchers: Diane Brink, Harry M. Kraemer, Victoria Medvec, William Ocasio and Ellen Taaffe

January 2, 2019


Take 5: How to Empower Employees to Be More Creative

Creativity is a potent engine for business. Nurture it without letting office divas run the show.

Researchers: Maryam Kouchaki, Leigh Thompson, William Ocasio, Edward (Ned) Smith and Loran Nordgren

August 3, 2017


Take 5: Lead Better Teams, Engage More Customers, and Find Your Next Market

Kellogg professors offer tips to grow your career and your organization.

Researchers: Leigh Thompson, William Ocasio, Harry M. Kraemer, Mitchell A. Petersen, Mohanbir S. Sawhney and Michael J. Mazzeo

January 6, 2017


4 Tips to Gain Influence in Your Organization

You have more power than you think—here’s how to harness it.

Researchers: William Ocasio

August 2, 2016


How a Restaurant Chain Keeps Its Independent Spirit

At Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, growth begins with a learning mindset.

Researchers: William Ocasio

August 3, 2015


Collaborating to Save Lives

For an integrated healthcare organization, culture is the key to operational efficiency.

Researchers: Leemore S. Dafny and William Ocasio

May 1, 2015


Congenital Defect

Systemic hospital cost inflation

Researchers: William Ocasio

February 1, 2010


Coupling within the Firm

Links between governance channels affect strategy

Researchers: William Ocasio and John Joseph

March 1, 2008