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director in chair seated between film camera and digital camera scratching head.
May 1, 2024

Who Takes a Risk on New Technology?

In Hollywood, new directors were more likely than veterans to embrace digital cameras—a finding that showcases how individuals’ career concerns shape tech adoption.

person reaching for a package on a pantry shelf
April 1, 2024

The Hedge Fund in Your Pantry

Many households utilize excess cash to support shopping habits that generate high financial returns.

Man paints outside of factory with green paint on a roller.
April 1, 2024

Do Green Bonds Actually Lead to Rosy Returns?

And are the companies that issue them truly addressing climate issues? New research investigates.

mexican shoppers use debit cards
March 11, 2024

What Would a Capital One–Discover Deal Really Mean?

A financial expert considers the acquisition’s potential impact on credit-card networks, merchants, and consumers.

robot being fenced in by humans
February 23, 2024

The Dos and Don’ts of Regulating AI

How can governments capitalize on AI’s benefits while minimizing its dangers? New research examines several policies—and identifies a promising approach.

shipping container leaking green fluid
January 23, 2024

ESG Risks Can Lurk in Supply Chains, Too

Most companies know little of their suppliers’ ESG practices. But negative incidents can sway stock prices—and investors should take note.

people walking through a lively urban shopping district
January 2, 2024

Community Revitalization Is Hard to Get Right. Here’s How It Can Succeed.

“The basic amenities people want are pretty universal, but every community has its own priorities and ideals.”

credit card putting pressure on a small business
January 1, 2024

Who Pays for All Those Generous Credit-Card Rewards?

A new study investigates where this “free” money is coming from—and why credit-card companies are so keen to dole it out.

apartment building with national flags displayed
January 1, 2024

How Should Global Cities Manage an Influx of Wealthy Foreign Residents?

In an age of remote work, the trend will only continue. So how can governments take advantage of the benefits while mitigating the harms?

Businessman leaps up steps.
December 21, 2023

Take 5: What Does It Take to Make a Small Business Work?

The challenges are big. So are the opportunities.

Office furniture shaped into a frowning face
December 1, 2023

How Much Do Job Vacancies Hurt a Company’s Bottom Line?

Quite a bit, a new study shows—and large organizations aren’t immune to the toll on both sales and profits.

cryptocurrency tokens on a table
November 3, 2023

Crypto Had a Brutal Year. What Comes Next?

“There’s definitely more caution now, which might not be a bad thing.”

November 1, 2023

When Your Savings Account Is Also a Lottery Ticket

Prize-linked savings accounts can be more enticing to customers than interest rates—and banks like them, too.

two factories in the heat, with the smaller one melting
November 1, 2023

In a Warming U.S., Smaller Manufacturers Are Feeling the Heat

Smaller firms struggle in the face of temperature shocks, while larger ones are less affected—a trend that is driving industry consolidation.

Banker pulling out 1909 bond ratings book
October 1, 2023

The Enduring Power of Bond Ratings

In 1909, John Moody handed out his first As, Bs and Cs. The market would never be the same.

stock trader skydiving with parachute while making stock trade
October 1, 2023

How Your Personality Shapes Your Portfolio

Extroversion. Openness. Neuroticism. It turns out individual traits have a meaningful impact on our investment decisions.

CEO sweating over a disclosure button
September 5, 2023

The More Investors Know, the More Executives Disclose

CEOs are likelier to volunteer bad news when the public better understands their personal motives for maximizing short-term stock prices.

neighborhood of homes including two cryptocurrency homes
September 1, 2023

When Crypto Went Mainstream—and Drove Up Housing Prices

Many Americans have cryptocurrency in their portfolios and treat it much like any other investment.

group of employees in bustling office with guard standing next to light bulb in case
August 3, 2023

Want to Find the Next Big Company? IP Offers a Clue.

A company’s early efforts to protect its intellectual property are a good signal that it intends to grow—one of many lessons from a wide-ranging investigation of U.S. IP practices.

person holding bag while another person cuts it with scissors as coins fall out.
July 18, 2023

Wage Garnishment in the U.S. Is More Common Than You Might Think

A new study offers a first look at the impact of collecting defaulted debts directly from worker’s paychecks.

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