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Insight Unpacked

These days, it’s easy to build a brand. So easy, in fact, that the world is full of them. So if you want your brand to stand out, you will need to build an amazing brand. And that’s a lot harder to do.

Welcome to Insight Unpacked, where we delve into a complex business topic and emerge with insights from the esteemed faculty of the Kellogg School. For our first season, we learn all about how to build a new brand (or revive an old one), from naming and logo design to brand storytelling and measuring brand health. We’ll also take you behind the scenes as we build a brand of our own.

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S1E1 | Why Does Your Brand Need to Exist? 22:48
In episode 1 of our 5-episode series, “Insight Unpacked: Extraordinary Brands and How to Build Them,” we reveal the key questions you should answer before you start to craft your brand.
Introducing Insight Unpacked Season 1 1:34
Extraordinary Brands and How to Build Them