Amanda Starc
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Amanda Starc

Associate Professor of Strategy

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Video: Understanding America’s Prescription Drug Market

A healthcare economist answers questions about pharmaceutical innovation, costs, and more.

Researchers: Amanda Starc

March 1, 2024


Can We Build a Better Prescription Drug Market?

Medicare will soon be able to negotiate directly with drug makers. But one economist explains why “the goal should be to increase value, not just lower prices.”

Researchers: Amanda Starc

October 6, 2023


Consumers Lose Out When Health Insurers Offer Lots of Plans

While extra choices are usually considered a good thing, insurers are able to use them strategically to maximize profits.

Researchers: Hector Chade, Victoria Marone, Amanda Starc and Jeroen Swinkels

February 2, 2023


Consumers Pay When Generic Drug Companies Collude. Here’s a Way to Stop Them.

Price-fixing by pharmaceutical cartels can cost billions, and the threat of lawsuits isn’t enough to deter it.

Researchers: Amanda Starc and Thomas G. Wollman

June 1, 2022


How Regulating Hospital Prices Can Impact Patient Care

There are tangible benefits for quality of care when hospitals compete for higher-paying patients.

Researchers: Craig Garthwaite, Christopher Ody and Amanda Starc

May 10, 2021


Choosing the Right Health-Insurance Plan Could Add Years to Your Life

New evidence suggests that certain Medicare Advantage plans increase life spans more than others. Here’s what the best plans have in common.

Researchers: Jason Abaluck, Mauricio Cáceres Bravo, Peter Hull and Amanda Starc

October 28, 2020


Take 5: What You May Not Know about Advertising

Research reveals how ads can affect shopping behavior, elections, and even our health.

Researchers: Brett Gordon, Kent Grayson, Jörg L. Spenkuch and Amanda Starc

August 6, 2019

Privatizing Medicaid Drug Benefits Reduces Spending

The savings come without any decrease in quality of care, new research shows.

Researchers: David Dranove, Christopher Ody and Amanda Starc

March 2, 2018


What’s Behind the Current Wave of Vertical Integration?

From Amazon–Whole Foods to CVS–Aetna, companies are reconfiguring for an uncertain future. Four strategy professors discuss.

Researchers: Craig Garthwaite, Meghan Busse, Amanda Starc and Mark McCareins

January 5, 2018


Four Ways to Improve the Efficiency of U.S. Healthcare Markets

An economist discusses how to ensure the right mix of access, affordability, and quality.

Researchers: Amanda Starc

December 1, 2017


The Hidden Benefits of TV Drug Ads

Patients and taxpayers benefit from controversial direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising.

Researchers: Michael Sinkinson and Amanda Starc

December 2, 2016