Robert L. Bray
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Robert L. Bray

Associate Professor of Operations

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Everyone Wants to Ditch the Middleman. Or Do They?

Not always, according to surprising new evidence from an app connecting housekeepers to clients.

Researchers: Ekaterina Astashkina, Robert L. Bray, Ruslan Momot and Marat Salikhov

June 1, 2024


ChatGPT Has Arrived. What’s a Manager to Do?

4 tips for leading a team in an age of generative AI.

Researchers: Robert L. Bray

July 21, 2023


Take 5: Research-Backed Tips for Scheduling Your Day

Kellogg faculty offer ideas for working smarter and not harder.

Researchers: Maryam Kouchaki, Maria Ibanez, Nicola Persico, Robert L. Bray, Jan A. Van Mieghem, Itai Gurvich and and coauthors

April 1, 2023


Are “Menu Costs” Messing Up Your Supply Chain?

When it’s cheaper to change product prices, companies benefit—and so do their suppliers, new research shows.

Researchers: Robert L. Bray and Ioannis Stamatopoulos

January 4, 2021


Having a Far-Flung Supply Chain May Lead to More Product Defects

When firms have to collaborate over long distances, the final product suffers.

Researchers: Robert L. Bray, Juan Camilo Serpa and Ahmet Colak

May 15, 2020


Podcast: The (Surprisingly Muddy) Case for Transparency

Economists prize sharing information. On this episode of The Insightful Leader, we ask if that’s always the right move.

Researchers: Robert L. Bray

February 20, 2020


A Simple Way to Make Your Customers More Satisfied with Their Deliveries

Hint: It comes down to when you send status updates.

Researchers: Robert L. Bray

December 2, 2019


Take 5: How to Increase Your Office's Productivity

Research-backed tips for improving workflows and discouraging slacking.

Researchers: Michael Powell, Robert L. Bray, Nicola Persico, George Georgiadis, Jan A. Van Mieghem and Chaithanya Bandi

July 5, 2019


A Counterintuitive Way to Keep Shelves Stocked and Prices Down

New research suggests how to improve supply-chain efficiency and avoid “inventory runs.”

Researchers: Robert L. Bray, Yuliang Yao, Yongrui Duan and Jiazhen Huo

October 4, 2018


A Smarter Way to Schedule

What multitaskers can learn from how judges schedule hearings

Researchers: Robert L. Bray, Decio Coviello, Andrea Ichino and Nicola Persico

October 5, 2015


Whipping the Supply Line into Shape

New insight into the bullwhip effect

Researchers: Robert L. Bray and Haim Mendelson

March 13, 2013