Robert L. Bray
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Robert L. Bray

Associate Professor of Operations

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A Counterintuitive Way to Keep Shelves Stocked and Prices Down

New research suggests how to improve supply-chain efficiency and avoid “inventory runs.”

Researchers: Robert L. Bray, Yuliang Yao, Yongrui Duan and Jiazhen Huo

October 4, 2018


A Smarter Way to Schedule

What multitaskers can learn from how judges schedule hearings

Researchers: Robert L. Bray, Decio Coviello, Andrea Ichino and Nicola Persico

October 5, 2015


Whipping the Supply Line into Shape

New insight into the bullwhip effect

Researchers: Robert L. Bray and Haim Mendelson

March 13, 2013