Scott R. Baker
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Scott R. Baker

Associate Professor of Finance

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What Causes Stock Market Swings?

Tariffs? Job reports? Oil prices? A new volatility index pinpoints which factors make investors feel uncertain.

Researchers: Scott R. Baker, Nicholas Bloom, Steven J. Davis and Kyle Kost

What Google Is Teaching Economists About Unemployment Insurance

Search data can tell policymakers whether extending unemployment benefits delays job-seeking.

Researchers: Scott R. Baker and Andrey Fradkin

December 5, 2018


Take 5: How Do Households Manage Fluctuating Finances?

Plus, how policymakers can help them manage better.

Researchers: Janice C. Eberly, Lorenz Kueng, Scott R. Baker, Anthony DeFusco and John Mondragon

February 5, 2018

Finance & Accounting

How Do People Respond to Sales Tax Increases?

New research shows we aren’t as blasé as economists thought.

Researchers: Scott R. Baker, Stephanie Johnson and Lorenz Kueng

November 2, 2017


Take 5: How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Advice from Kellogg faculty experts on starting and running your own business.

Researchers: Scott R. Baker, Sean Johnson, Benjamin F. Jones, David Schonthal, Nicole Staple and Gabriel Vehovsky

May 8, 2017


How the 2013 Government Shutdown Affected Workers’ Household Spending

Even temporary income dips lead to a surprising degree of belt-tightening.

Researchers: Scott R. Baker and Constantine Yannelis

Keeping the Angels at Bay

Startups should be wary of accepting too much money from angel investors.

Researchers: Scott R. Baker

May 9, 2016


When Uncertainty Lingers, Growth Lags

Companies’ reluctance to act in the wake of a country’s economic shock can inhibit growth as much as the original shock itself.

Researchers: Scott R. Baker, Nicholas Bloom and Steven J. Davis

January 30, 2015

Finance & Accounting

Is Your Household Liquid Enough?

Ample cash reserves aid households when faced with the unexpected.

Researchers: Scott R. Baker

December 1, 2014

Finance & Accounting