Faculty Expertise: Reunion 2020
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Faculty Expertise: Reunion 2020

For Reunion 2020, Kellogg's distinguished faculty will be showcasing their research and expertise on topics that are of critical interest to business leaders. Here is a collection of that expertise.

Visit the reunion homepage for more information.

Business leaders learn how to tell a great story.

Podcast: The Power of Persuasive Storytelling Articles

Stories hook your business audience and get them to take action.

How to be prepared

4 Key Steps to Preparing for a Business Presentation Articles

Don’t let a lack of prep work sabotage your great ideas.

A wine expert guides a consumer in a shopping cart through a river of wine, to a particular group of bottles.

Should You Ignore What Your Customers Want? The Great Winemakers Do. Articles

Rather than follow consumer taste, they push it in a new direction.

An outdated man works at his computer.

Don’t Let Complacency Derail Your Career Articles

How to hone your learning agility and take good risks.

A female entrepreneur at work

How to Foster Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets Articles

A Q&A with four entrepreneurs about the global startup landscape—and what governments can do to help.

Wrecking ball destroys news.

Podcast: Why Do So Many People Distrust the News? Articles

Plus, how to avoid being duped by fake news yourself.

A woman gives a man feedback

Podcast: Give Better Feedback Articles

An expert on marriage and a former executive offer advice on giving and receiving constructive criticism.

data visualization technique best practices
Data Analytics

Data Visualization: More Than Pretty Pictures Articles

Data visualization techniques are integral to memorable and persuasive messaging.

Customer Research in all seasons.

5 Ways to Know Your Customer Better Than Your Competitors Do Articles

For starters, get out of the office and find your end users.

successful entrepreneurs are most often middle aged

How Old Are Successful Tech Entrepreneurs? Articles

A definitive new study dispels the myth of the Silicon Valley wunderkind.

A leader stands at a fork in the road, pointing towards one of the two paths.

Podcast: Great Leaders Ask, "What Really Matters?" Articles

Former Fortune 500 CEO Harry Kraemer discusses how knowing and acting on your values can guide you through a crisis.

four groups engage in conflict

The Psychology Behind Conflict—and When It Can Be Harnessed for Good Articles

A conversation about the role conflict plays in organizations and communities.

A woman negotiations at her job.

Five Ways Women Can Negotiate More Effectively Articles

How to advocate for yourself at critical points in your career.

Airline passengers have individualized flying experiences.

Remaking Marketing Organizations for a Data-Driven World Articles

A Q&A with United Airlines’ CMO on how to avoid becoming “an artifact of a prior era.”

A salesperson tries storytelling to market a product.

Stories Can Be Powerful Persuasive Tools. But It’s Important to Understand When They Can Backfire. Articles

New research reveals why sometimes sticking to the facts is your best bet.

An entrepreneur sketches her new business.

Podcast: Unleash Your Inner Designer Articles

You—yes, you!—can use design thinking to find creative solutions to your customers’ problems.

An executive tries to be an authentic leader.

5 Tips to Become an Authentic Leader Articles

Sincerity can go a long way when stepping into a new role.