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Artificial Intelligence

Tips on where AI is heading, and how your organization can stay ahead of the curve.

Podcast: When AI Leaves the Lab

AI is now being used to serve customers. On this episode of The Insightful leader, we discuss trends and potential pitfalls that should be on companies’ radars.


Podcast: How You Should Divvy Up Work between People and Machines

On this episode of The Insightful Leader: strategies for building a happier, more productive workplace.

An artificial hand reaches out to a human hand.

Artificial Intelligence Is Improving How Companies Do Business

Here are four of the most significant trends.

AI researchers and scholars of the humanities and social sciences sit at different tables, reflecting the growing gap between their disciplines.

AI and the Social Sciences Used to Talk More. Now They’ve Drifted Apart.

Research shows that the gap between these disciplines is growing, which could make it harder to address social and ethical problems.

An artificial hand reaches out to a human hand.
Data Analytics

How to Build Artificial Intelligence that Everyone Can Trust

Experts from IBM Watson and Kellogg discuss how to remove bias and increase transparency in machine-learning algorithms.

How will automation affect jobs and cities?

How Will Automation Affect Different U.S. Cities?

Jobs in small cities will likely be hit hardest. Check how your community and profession will fare.

An Amazon Echo device interviews its owner.

Podcast: How Amazon's Alexa Learns

Plus, an algorithm that can identify new social-media hashtags as they emerge.

Worker and automation with American flag.

Robots Are Taking Americans’ Jobs. What Can Be Done?

Four concrete policy proposals to get people back to work.

Social media data can help sales forecasts.

Want to Improve Your Sales Forecast? Check Your Company’s Facebook Feed.

Social media data can help predict consumer demand.

Due to the recency effect, an innovator bases her next career move off of previous experience in a similar knowledge space.

How Innovators Choose Their Next Career Move

There is an overarching pattern in how innovators, like Elon Musk, shift their focus over time.

A person and a machine communicate in an attempt to understand each other.

Take 5: How Humans Benefit as Machines Get Smarter

Kellogg faculty explain how human–machine partnerships can improve everything from your commute to your self-esteem.

A person and a machine communicate in an attempt to understand each other.

Podcast: Will Machines Ever Truly Understand Us?

The relationship between humans and computers is deepening. What does the future hold?

A man and his coffee maker attend couples counseling.

Podcast: You Had Me at “Bleep Blorp”

How humans and robots are learning to trust each other.

Three Ways Machine Learning Will Help Leaders Become Better Decision Makers

Human-machine partnerships can lead to faster, more innovative decisions


Watson Is Just the Beginning

How machine learning will change education, product development, and decision-making.

Machine learning: people and machines working side by side.
Data Analytics

Can Computers Make Us Better Thinkers?

IBM Watson creator David Ferrucci on the thought partnership at the heart of machine learning.

Computational social science seeks to use data to uncover universal facts.

The Ultimate Data Set

Computational social science aims to discover universal facts.

How to Stop Worrying and Love the Robot That Drives You to Work

Discomfort about “botsourcing” can be reduced by manipulating the human-like attributes of machines.


All Politics Is Cultural

Cultural not economic vocabularies separate liberals and conservatives