David Dranove
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David Dranove

Walter J. McNerney Professor of Health Industry Management; Faculty Director of PhD Program; Professor of Strategy

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Where Is the U.S. Healthcare Industry Headed?

New business models abound, private equity is expanding, and healthcare workers are hard to find.

Researchers: David Dranove and Craig Garthwaite

June 21, 2022


We Hear a Lot about New Drugs. But What Spurs Innovation in Medical Procedures?

There’s been little research on what brings about new procedures, despite how life-changing they can be.

Researchers: David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite, Christopher Heard and Bingxiao Wu

April 5, 2022


How Did “Big Med” Get So Big—and So Expensive?

Two economists explain how the American healthcare system evolved into the behemoth it is today—and what can be done to lower costs and improve patient care.

Researchers: David Dranove and Lawton R. Burns

June 21, 2021


Healthcare Megaproviders Have Become a “Megaproblem”

An excerpt from the new book “Big Med” explains how hospital systems have ballooned—and how that may be hurting patients.

Researchers: David Dranove and Lawton R. Burns

June 16, 2021

Pharma Companies Argue That Lower Drug Prices Would Mean Fewer Breakthrough Drugs. Is That True?

Probably not, a new study suggests—as long as the price decreases are modest.

Researchers: David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite and Manuel I. Hermosilla

September 2, 2020


Would "Medicare for All" Really Reduce Healthcare Costs in the U.S.?

Single payer drives significant savings in countries like Canada. But new research suggests it might play out differently in the U.S.

Researchers: Jillian Chown, David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite and Jordan Keener

October 4, 2019


Privatizing Medicaid Drug Benefits Reduces Spending

The savings come without any decrease in quality of care, new research shows.

Researchers: David Dranove, Christopher Ody and Amanda Starc

March 2, 2018


When Healthcare Providers Consolidate, Medical Bills Rise

Can anything be done to rein in this expensive trend?

Researchers: Cory Capps, David Dranove and Christopher Ody

February 1, 2018


What Happens to Healthcare Costs When Nonprofit Hospitals Take a Financial Hit?

The answer has implications for the debate over the Affordable Care Act.

Researchers: David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite and Christopher Ody

August 3, 2017


Under the ACA, the Cost of Caring for the Uninsured Decreased for Hospitals

The benefit has come only in states that expanded Medicaid.

Researchers: David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite and Christopher Ody

January 5, 2017


Let Business Be Your Muse: Turn Your Workplace Wisdom into Haiku

Join Kellogg’s strategy faculty in putting your favorite lessons into verse.

Researchers: David Dranove, Meghan Busse, Thomas N. Hubbard and Sarit Markovich

February 1, 2016


Why Healthcare Spending Has Slowed

Is the Affordable Care Act getting too much credit?

Researchers: David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite and Christopher Ody

February 1, 2016


Acquiring the Competition

Does Obamacare encourage healthcare providers to consolidate?

Researchers: David Dranove

December 9, 2013


Just What the Market Ordered

How malpractice lawsuits punish negligent doctors

Researchers: David Dranove, Subramaniam Ramanarayanan and Yasutora Watanabe

January 1, 2012


The Effects of Health On Wealth

Major illness leads to financial catastrophe for the uninsured

Researchers: Keziah Cook, David Dranove and Andrew Sfekas

November 1, 2009


Are Healthcare “Report Cards” Good for Patients?

More information may not always be better

Researchers: David Dranove, Daniel Kessler, Mark McClellan and Mark Satterthwaite

May 1, 2007


Healthcare Gets a Check-up

Examining the diseased economics of U.S. healthcare

Researchers: David Dranove

April 15, 2007