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Entrepreneur in a romper pitches new idea.

Podcast: Why It’s Crucial for Startups to Define Their Identity Early

Plus, dis­pelling a per­va­sive myth about suc­cess­ful entrepreneurs.

A business leader communicates complex ideas to a circle of employees.

Take 5: Fine-Tuning Your Powers of Persuasion

From under­stand­ing pow­er dynam­ics to telling a mem­o­rable sto­ry, here’s how to sell your ideas.


Are You Willing to Stretch the Truth While Negotiating?

It may depend on your gen­der and who you are representing.


Attention Passengers: Your Next Flight Will Likely Arrive Early. Here’s Why.

The rea­son has less to do with planes and air­port logis­tics than a strate­gic move by airlines.

Social Impact

Does It Pay Off to Invest in Companies That Engage in Sustainable Practices?

New research helps to quan­ti­fy the val­ue of ESG” initiatives.

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Inventory manager stands before his stock room.

A Counterintuitive Way to Keep Shelves Stocked and Prices Down

New research sug­gests how to improve sup­ply-chain effi­cien­cy and avoid inven­to­ry runs.”

Two shoppers enter a hardware store while a TV in a store window plays a political debate.

Government Got You Worried? It May Be Affecting Your Shopping Habits.

When we yearn for respon­si­ble law­mak­ers we tend to for­go plea­sur­able pur­chas­es in favor of more use­ful products.


How Marketing Leaders Can Thrive Amidst “Tectonic” Shifts in Expectations

Four experts dis­cuss CMOs’ unique oppor­tu­ni­ty to dri­ve growth and col­lab­o­ra­tion across their companies.


How Can Social Science Become More Solutions-Oriented?

A con­ver­sa­tion between researchers at Kel­logg and Microsoft explores how behav­ioral sci­ence can best be applied.


A New Way to Persuade Kids to Drink More Water and Less Soda

Get­ting chil­dren to make healthy choic­es is tricky — and the wrong mes­sage can backfire.


Buying a Company for Its Talent? Beware of Hidden Legal Risks.

Acquir­ing anoth­er firm’s trade secrets — even unin­ten­tion­al­ly — could prove costly.


Everyone Wants Pharmaceutical Breakthroughs. What Drives Drug Companies to Pursue Them?

A new study sug­gests that firms are at their most inno­v­a­tive after a finan­cial windfall.


4 Key Steps to Preparing for a Business Presentation

Don’t let a lack of prep work sab­o­tage your great ideas.


Here’s a Better Way to Schedule Surgeries

A new tool could dri­ve sav­ings of 20 per­cent while still keep­ing sur­geons happy.


Building Strong Brands: The Inside Scoop on Branding in the Real World

Tim Calkins’s blog draws lessons from brand mis­steps and triumphs.


Here’s a Bet­ter Way to Sched­ule Surgeries

A new tool could dri­ve sav­ings of 20 per­cent while still keep­ing sur­geons happy.


Build­ing Strong Brands: The Inside Scoop on Brand­ing in the Real World

Tim Calkins’s blog draws lessons from brand mis­steps and triumphs.


Can Cut­ting CEO Pay Help a Fal­ter­ing Com­pa­ny Rebound?

Using pay cuts to moti­vate or dis­ci­pline CEOs may have unin­tend­ed consequences.


When You’re Hot, You’re Hot: Career Suc­cess­es Come in Clusters

Bursts of bril­liance hap­pen for almost every­one. Explore the hot streaks” of thou­sands of direc­tors, artists and sci­en­tists in our graphic.


How Well Do You Under­stand Dig­i­tal Advertising?

Test your knowl­edge and see how it com­pares to the experts’.


Three Ques­tions All Aspir­ing Entre­pre­neurs Should Ask Themselves

Run­ning your own busi­ness isn’t for every­one. Here is how to tell if it is right for you.


Take 5: What Sci­ence Says about Your Sum­mer Vacation

Kel­logg fac­ul­ty explore the psy­chol­o­gy and eco­nom­ics of com­mon trav­el conundrums.


How Speed Fac­to­ries” Help Com­pa­nies Adapt to Capri­cious Consumers

For cer­tain trendy prod­ucts, these local but expen­sive plants can be a smart investment.

Finance & Accounting

Take 5: What’s in Your Invest­ment Portfolio?

Here’s what our fac­ul­ty have to say about assess­ing new stocks, invest­ing in green com­pa­nies — and the ben­e­fits of benign neglect.


How Super­sti­tion Changes the Way We Make Decisions

Cross­ing our fin­gers or clutch­ing a rabbit’s foot can upend our usu­al way of cal­cu­lat­ing risk.


How Much Empa­thy Do You Feel When Pow­er­ful Peo­ple Suffer?

What about less pow­er­ful peo­ple? Your answers like­ly depend on how egal­i­tar­i­an you are.


How Old Are Suc­cess­ful Tech Entrepreneurs?

A defin­i­tive new study dis­pels the myth of the Sil­i­con Val­ley wunderkind.

Social Impact

The Case for Invest­ing in Green Companies

Sus­tain­ably mind­ed firms are more like­ly to with­stand indus­try shake-ups.

Consumer brand perception on social media

Won­der­ing How Cus­tomers Feel about Your Brand?

A new algo­rithm tracks people’s per­cep­tion in real time via Twitter.


What a Dif­fer­ence a Year (with a Con­sul­tant) Makes

A study in Mex­i­co finds that con­sul­tants can help small- to medi­um-sized busi­ness­es expand.

Why Boss­es Cut Some Employ­ees Slack for Uneth­i­cal Behavior

The same trans­gres­sion can lead to dif­fer­ent con­se­quences. Here’s one rea­son why.


Four Rea­sons Why Hir­ing Vet­er­ans Makes Good Busi­ness Sense

They’re trained to be train­able and can take crit­i­cism. Is your com­pa­ny over­look­ing these tal­ent­ed candidates?

Finance & Accounting

Why the Pan­ic of 1907 Led to a Recession

Under­stand­ing this his­to­ry sheds light on the 2008 finan­cial crisis.

Data Analytics

Take 5: A Guide to Get­ting Start­ed and Suc­ceed­ing with Data Analytics

Kel­logg fac­ul­ty offer advice for busi­ness lead­ers to improve their ana­lyt­ics strategies.

Data AnalyticsStrategy

What Might Be Miss­ing from Your Ana­lyt­ics Strategy

Quan­ti­ta­tive data is not enough to solve your trick­i­est problems.