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gamer gaming at a computer
May 14, 2024

Video-Game Companies Are Spending Big on Sponsored Streams. Are They Getting Their Money’s Worth?

Probably not—with a few notable exceptions.

Person in grocery store with credit overlays to various items.
May 1, 2024

The Clues to Creditworthiness Hiding in Your Grocery Cart

Grocery habits—like buying mortadella beef or scheduling regular shopping trips—can be as useful as credit scores at predicting who will reliably repay loans.

A woman maintains close connections and friendships throughout her career thus avoiding regret down the line.
May 1, 2024

Are Your Individual Contributors Feeling Isolated?

A lot of employees could benefit from a structured “lab” setting to inspire meaningful collaboration.

illustration of person at desk with voting ballot and stack of books about voting and policy.
April 22, 2024

How Much Evidence Do You Need to Make a Decision? Depends on Your Mindset.

When a choice is framed as a responsibility, we’ll go the extra mile to be accurate—even when it costs us.

person at computer looking at personalized skateboard advertisement
April 16, 2024

The Future of Targeted Advertising in a Cookie-less World

Apple’s and Google’s responses to regulatory shifts may end up squeezing out small online retailers.

group of people reacting to person attempting to persuade them by showing their approval
March 8, 2024

When Persuading a Group, Beware the Allure of Consensus

We tend to favor strategies that win broad-but-weak support over narrow-but-strong support—and this preference can lead us astray.

A customer receives a can of soup via a distribution channel.
March 7, 2024

How to Grow in a Multichannel World

As e-commerce continues to expand, companies need to adapt their channel strategies to stay relevant. A marketing expert offers guidance for reaching customers.

computer screen with scale measuring advertisement effectiveness
January 1, 2024

Here’s a Cost-Effective Way to Tell If Your Digital Ads Are Working

Running even a small number of experiments can reveal a lot, a new study finds.

person shopping, looking at price tags
December 1, 2023

A Better Way to Measure Customers’ Willingness to Pay

Determining what customers will spend on your product is one of marketing’s oldest challenges. But “current methods don’t consider context and competition the way they should.”

woman pushing a shopping cart
December 1, 2023

5 Mindsets That Drive Consumer Behavior

“Fixed” and “growth” aren’t the only mindsets out there. A Kellogg marketing professor explains the surprising ways that our mental states can influence what we buy.

person with money deciding which box to put it in.
November 22, 2023

Take 5: The Psychology of Charitable Giving

What makes us give? Research reveals the surprising factors that shape our generosity.

man in room surrounded by dog posters and ephemera, petting a cat, being scolded by another person for their hypocrisy.
November 14, 2023

The Surprising Role of … Surprise … in Hypocrisy

What makes a choice seem hypocritical? New research finds that unexpectedness is an important factor.

business leader juggling pins
November 7, 2023

3 Priorities for Today’s Marketing Leaders

A roundtable of experts weighs in on trends and challenges in a time of radical industry shifts.

small businesses squeezed
August 1, 2023

As Data Privacy Improves, Small Advertisers Could Get Squeezed

Lauded as a win for consumers, new protections could have unintended consequences. “There’s no privacy ‘free lunch’ here.”

person in chair reading electronic tablet while octopus tentacles reach out
August 1, 2023

How Data Tracking Is Changing—and What That Means for You

Tech companies are phasing out cookies. Will consumers finally see meaningful privacy protections?

two hands holding smartphone with social media post of person in First St. Food Bank shirt with text "I donated. You should too!"
June 1, 2023

Yes, You Should Hit “Share” when You Make a Charitable Donation

Nobody wants to come across as bragging, but when donors stay mum, charities miss out. New research offers a strategy to embolden givers.

woman choosing avocados in store with signs Now 1-2 days 3-5 days
April 5, 2023

To Better Understand Your Customers, Think Like a “Consumer Anthropologist”

Engaging consumers in their natural habitat helps you glean insights that would never be visible in a spreadsheet.

Chocolate factory workers along an assembly line with photos of past workers on wall
April 1, 2023

We Prefer Authentic Products. But What Conveys “Authenticity”?

Invoking a company’s history can help—and research points to a new way of doing this.

woman shopping for shampoo
April 1, 2023

Why Are Products Marketed to Women Sometimes More Expensive?

A new study upends popular assumptions about the “pink tax.”

CEO stands before large data wall
March 8, 2023

Marketers, Don’t Be Too Hasty to Act on Data

Don’t like the trends you’re seeing? It’s tempting to take immediate action. Instead, consider a hypothesis-driven approach to solving your problems.

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