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How Much Do You Trust a Talking Raisin?

For some audiences, a “spokesthing” is more persuasive than a spokesperson.

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Blinded by Statistical Significance

Putting too much stock in an arbitrary threshold may lead to bad decisions.

Our mobile consumer behavior determines how we shop on phones.

How We Shop Differently on Our Phones

What’s in your cart? Depends on the device you are using.

People enjoying social responsible wine.

You Can Taste the Benevolence

If your customers know you donate to charity, will they like your products more?


To Grow Your Company, Create Products from Services

For service-based businesses, scaling requires a strategy shift.


When Retail Prices Cross the Line

Manufacturers should be strategic in enforcing minimum advertised price policies.


What Do Customers Pay When Wholesale Prices Change?

Increases and decreases are not passed through the same way.

What Chinese Consumers Want

Western Companies doing business in China need to ask the right questions.

Companies, Choose Your Name Wisely

The right name can signal that you are a safe bet.


Philip Kotler on Marketing’s Higher Purpose

How social marketing can be a force for good.

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Making Data Work Harder for You

A strategic approach to data analytics starts with asking the right questions.

Data AnalyticsStrategy

Making Data Work Harder for You— Podcast Transcript

A strategic approach to data analytics starts with asking the right questions.

Nascar marketing's new digital platform has renewed and expanded its fan base.

NASCAR Overhauls the Fan Experience

How the car-racing giant overcame flagging engagement.

We Trust Reputation. Should We?

The power of reputation might expose us to greater risk.


Can Neuroscience Build a Better Ad?

Brain science has the potential to transform the focus group.


The Risks of a Good Reputation— Podcast Transcript

How reputation and trust function in commercial transactions and the sharing economy. A transcript of this month’s Insight In Person podcast.

data visualization technique best practices
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Data Visualization: More Than Pretty Pictures

Data visualization techniques are integral to memorable and persuasive messaging.

Data AnalyticsStrategy

A Leader’s Guide to Data Analytics

A working knowledge of data science can help you lead with confidence.


The Superfluousness of Realtors

Homes sold through Realtors do not garner a price premium over ones sold by owners.

Creative Cultures Fuel Growth

Martin Agency CEO Matt Williams shares nine simple rules for keeping corporate cultures creative.