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How Poverty Damages Health

Anti-poverty programs boost recipients’ well-being


Patients, Pricing, and Prescription Drugs

Maximizing social benefit from the Medicaid drug program

Social Impact

Driving Biofuel Adoption

Brazil’s consumers offer a peek at attitudes towards alt-fuels


Buy Coal?

Purchasing the dirty fossil fuel could help fight climate change

Finance & Accounting

Shareholders vs. Management: Split Decision

Shareholders should usually—but not always—control decisions

Social Impact

Principal Performance

What if school principals’ pay were tied to job performance? Turns out, it already is


On the Origin of Schools

The diversity of Arizona’s charter schools


Government or God?

In times of uncertainty, people seek stability

Social Impact

Sustainability Is a Team Effort

Corporate sustainability works best when employees are stakeholders


Reframing the Poverty Problem

Marketing can help address social ills

Social Impact

Why Did They Stay?

Perspectives on Katrina survivors’ “choice” to stand their ground or evacuate

Social Impact

And the Poor Get Poorer

The economics of higher global temperatures.


Timing Is Everything

The duration of climate agreements influences their success


To Settle or Not to Settle

Negotiations and attorney interests in medical malpractice cases

Finance & Accounting

The Real Costs of Credit Access

Evidence from the payday lending market

Social Impact

Growing Socially Responsible Markets

Grass-fed meat and dairy products

Social Impact

Strategic Activism and Nonmarket Strategy

When firms become the target of activists

Women and Math, the Gender Gap Bridged

Social equality frees women to match men


“Acting White” or Just Acting Rationally?

Social pressures to fit in can explain the black–white educational achievement gap


Learning Curve

Kellogg professor’s breakthrough methodology links additional schooling to higher test scores