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maids cleaning apartments
June 1, 2024

Everyone Wants to Ditch the Middleman. Or Do They?

Not always, according to surprising new evidence from an app connecting housekeepers to clients.

A woman maintains close connections and friendships throughout her career thus avoiding regret down the line.
May 1, 2024

Are Your Individual Contributors Feeling Isolated?

A lot of employees could benefit from a structured “lab” setting to inspire meaningful collaboration.

explorers in a cave full of treasure
July 21, 2023

ChatGPT Has Arrived. What’s a Manager to Do?

4 tips for leading a team in an age of generative AI.

school kids pick out coats at a school coat drive
July 18, 2023

Schools Often Partner with Nonprofits to Benefit Students. Which Partnerships Last?

One key to keeping programs afloat: flexibility.

house rentals with new listings
June 7, 2023

Does It Pay to List a Rental at the Last Minute?

Not necessarily. A new study argues that platforms in the sharing economy should incentivize behavior that creates win–wins.

A to-do list with easy and hard tasks
April 1, 2023

Take 5: Research-Backed Tips for Scheduling Your Day

Kellogg faculty offer ideas for working smarter and not harder.

person waiting for rideshare on roads paved with computing code
March 1, 2023

At Their Best, Self-Learning Algorithms Can Be a “Win-Win-Win”

Lyft is using ”reinforcement learning” to match customers to drivers—leading to higher profits for the company, more work for drivers, and happier customers.

man sits at computer reading Q&A forum
November 3, 2022

Product Q&A Forums Hold a Lot of Promise. Here’s How to Make Them Work.

The key to these online communities, where users can ask and answer questions, is how many questions get useful answers.

person being raised up by large hands
September 6, 2022

The Thorny Challenge of Measuring Success in “Systems-of-Care” Networks

These networks, which help direct people to the medical and social services they need, must tread carefully in choosing which metrics to use in decision-making.

woman standing on 1s and 0s
June 18, 2021

Looking to Further Digitize Your Operations? This Tool Can Help.

There’s no single solution or easy answer. But you can use this framework to audit your efforts and figure out your next move.

employees unload pallets from a truck using hand carts
May 3, 2021

How the Pandemic Will (and Won’t) Change Companies’ Operations

From stocking grocery store shelves to pricing plane tickets, here’s what to expect.

hands holding up COVID vaccination cards
April 1, 2021

One Healthcare System’s Race to Distribute the COVID-19 Vaccine

A chief medical officer and a supply-chain expert discuss the nuances of the rollout.

people in a city wait for ride share cars
March 1, 2021

2 Ways to Improve Rideshares for Drivers and Customers

Research suggests there are ways to reduce costs and emissions, as well as help customers get picked up more quickly.

woman shops for produce
January 4, 2021

Are “Menu Costs” Messing Up Your Supply Chain?

When it’s cheaper to change product prices, companies benefit—and so do their suppliers, new research shows.

hospital administrators and doctors design protocols
November 9, 2020

One Way to Create Better Workplace Incentives and Protocols: Codesign Them with Your Employees

New practices are more likely to be embraced if they aren’t dictated from the top.

Inventory manager stands before his stock room.
August 5, 2020

From PPE to Denim and Beer, Here’s What the Pandemic Is Teaching Us about Supply Chains

Five lessons from Kellogg Professor Marty Lariviere.

Certain kinds of projects benefit from hands-on, in-person collaboration.
May 15, 2020

Having a Far-Flung Supply Chain May Lead to More Product Defects

When firms have to collaborate over long distances, the final product suffers.

supply chains stretch across the globe
March 23, 2020

The Coronavirus Has Upended Supply Chains. Here’s How Companies Can Prepare for the Next Disruption.

There are strategies that both large and small companies can implement to make their manufacturing more agile.

Short-term delivery contracts are making transportation an increasingly flexible resource.
February 3, 2020

As Supply Chains Move Faster, Businesses Have an Opportunity to Cut Shipping Costs

How companies can make the most out of information gleaned during the delivery window.

A new study reveals how doctors spend their time in teaching versus nonteaching hospitals.
January 2, 2020

Do Doctors Who Supervise Residents Spend Less Time with Patients?

Data from two ERs suggest that patients at teaching hospitals aren’t losing out on face time with senior physicians.

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