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    Whipping the Supply Line into Shape

    New insight into the bullwhip effect

    Economics Marketing Strategy

    Principles of Pricing

    Counterintuitive ideas on pricing in a competitive environment

    Strategy Economics

    Is Wikipedia Biased?

    Verifying the “neutral point of view”

    Operations Marketing

    How Much Is Your Customer’s Time Worth?

    If you are in fast food, a surprising amount

    Finance & Accounting

    Housing’s Albatross

    Negative equity weighs on the market


    Do Less

    Why managers should stop micromanaging and trust their employees


    Buying Behaviors of Emerging Middle Classes

    How new consumers in developing nations choose their brands

    Healthcare Strategy Economics Policy

    Rebooting Employer-Sponsored Healthcare

    Would employees be happier with more health plan choices?

    Healthcare Leadership

    A Patient, Not a Person

    Medicine’s bad habit of dehumanizing patients


    Goes Together Like Guilt and Pleasure

    Guilty pleasures may be the best kind

    Economics Strategy Policy

    Why Markets Tip to One Platform (or Not)

    Uncovering the secrets of market tipping

    Economics Strategy

    Should I Bring an Umbrella?

    Rating forecasters is difficult, but not impossible


    Nice Guys Finish Last

    Altruism may be rewarded with prestige, but seldom with leadership


    Downplaying Social Pain

    Snubs and rejections hurt worse than others think they do


    One, Two, Three Stats and More at the Old Ballgame

    Identifying baseball’s best players and most reliable statistics