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Podcast | Insight Unpacked Season 1: Extraordinary Brands and How to Build Them
July 1, 2009

$1,000 Cash Back

Implications for customer and dealer negotiations

June 1, 2009

Counterfeit Competition

Driving up price and quality

Man shouts over city
June 1, 2009

Sales Force Effectiveness

First ask the right questions

May 1, 2009

What’s in a Message Frame?

Sharing the good and the bad leads to more persuasive messaging

May 1, 2009

Too Conscious to Decide?

Unconscious evaluation enhances complex decision making

Businesspeople walk together over hand
April 1, 2009

Walking the Walk

Creating a market orientation

March 1, 2009

Culture and Commitment

When should advertisers focus on you versus your entire family?

February 1, 2009

To Sell but Not to Missell

Sales agents’ conflicts between prospecting and advising

February 1, 2009

A (Sales)Taxing Proposition

How Internet sales taxes affect customer behavior

January 1, 2009

Learning from Zillow and Zoots

Improved performance through service inventory management

December 2, 2008

Don’t Interrupt Me Now

Media “transportation” and advertising effectiveness

November 1, 2008

Jack of All Trades or Master of One?

Performance perceptions of multi-feature products

August 1, 2008

Own-Brand and Cross-Brand Retail Pass-Through

How much of a manufacturer’s promotional pricing gets passed through to the end customers?

July 1, 2008

Emotion and Consumer Behavior

Can anger make us choose a hiking trip vacation?

May 1, 2008

How Many Reasons Do You Need to Like BMWs?

The role of content vs. retrieval ease

February 1, 2008

Predicting Customer Lifetime Value

When is it sensible to give perks to customers?

December 1, 2007

Healthy Choices

Do people prefer the carrot or the stick?

November 1, 2007

Discriminating Prices for the Discriminating Consumer

Maximize profitability with different package sizes

August 2, 2007

Trust Required Here

Trust in both the seller and the marketplace is necessary for buyer confidence

Customers shopping in grocery store
May 2, 2007

Wal-Mart Supercenter versus the Traditional Supermarket

How can a local grocery store survive?

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