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Data AnalyticsStrategy

Making Data Work Harder for You— Podcast Transcript

A strategic approach to data analytics starts with asking the right questions.

Can Wikipedia Be Trusted?

Crowdsourced Wikipedia entries are more biased than Encyclopaedia Britannica articles.


Collaborating to Save Lives

For an integrated healthcare organization, culture is the key to operational efficiency.

data visualization technique best practices
Data AnalyticsStrategy

Data Visualization: More Than Pretty Pictures

Data visualization techniques are integral to memorable and persuasive messaging.

The Ultimate Data Set

Computational social science aims to discover universal facts.

Data AnalyticsStrategy

A Leader’s Guide to Data Analytics

A working knowledge of data science can help you lead with confidence.

Finance & Accounting

Maximize the Returns, Lower the Risk

Using the right tools to grow savings and improve investment outcomes.


To Bluff or Not to Bluff

Game theory says it’s pure mathematics. But human psychology matters, too.

Like in basketball, using data and information around you to call the shots can lead to a big wins.

Using Data to Call the Shots

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey talks leadership, decision making, and crunching numbers in the NBA.

Finance & Accounting

What Will It Take to Regulate the Stock Markets?

Better data and better cooperation are needed.

Finance & Accounting

Understanding How Stock Traders Forage for Profit

Day traders behave like bees when deciding what to buy and sell.


Getting the Growth Strategy Right

In industries ripe for supercompetitors, adopting the right growth strategy is key.


Online Brands Show Their Stuff Offline

Building brick-and-mortar showrooms can have big payoffs for online retailers.


Finding the Right Justifiers

In B2B sales, suppliers and purchasers can work together to streamline nonstrategic purchasing for the good of both parties.


How to Achieve Focused Growth

An interview with Sanjay Khosla and Mohan Sawhney about their new book, Fewer, Bigger, Bolder.


More Insurers, Lower Premiums?

Evidence from U.S. health insurance marketplaces.


Bonus Chapter from Roadside MBA: Profitable Growth in the Heartland

What happens when three economists hit the road in search of strategy insights from small- and medium-sized businesses?


An Interview with Mike Mazzeo about Roadside MBA

Backyard lessons for entrepreneurs, executives, and small business owners.

This customer may be a harbinger of new product failure

The Customers You Do Not Want

If these “harbingers of failure” love what you do, you are in trouble


The First Eighteen Months

An interview with Rob Wolcott about surviving as a corporate innovator